" This is no Plan B because there is no planet B,
make the business to a sustainable economy "



There is a saying: If you don’t know what matters? Just do those things that I look back on 50 years later, and I'm glad you started doing things.
​So our mission is: "Let renewable energy become a new life energy for mankind!"


"To create a happy world that benefits others, self-interest and the environment symbiosis is our expected goal."

Why create symbiosis together? Although green energy technology is a clean renewable energy source, we don’t want to see farmland, wetland, woods, etc.

Renewable energy construction based on destroying nature.

Emphasizing co-creation, we encourage partners who are aspiring to work together to learn diverse and diverse creations with us.

Emphasizing symbiosis, what we want is a world of "I am good, you are good, and the environment is better", leaving a clean and harmonious land for future generations.

3. Our Value

Tenet Power provides three service values:

1. Sustainability: Corporate CSR Green Energy Sustainability Solutions.

2. Partnership: Renewable energy partner program to create a renewable energy value ecosystem.

3. Charity: Through green electricity subsidies for local creation, combining corporate CSR, campus USR, international SDGs and ESG, with the vision of self-sufficiency in each community, creating community smart renewable energy and circular economy, connecting enterprises, campuses, ecosystem partners such as non-profit organizations have become self-sufficient "one community, one paradise" as an ideal future life.

  • 2021 we established Tenet Power, focusing on B2B new energy business, providing corporate green energy CSR, green energy smart community solutions.

  • 2017 Hongwei Global was established in Taiwan to operate Taiwan’s B2C crowdfunding and renewable energy power plant APP "Solarman Power Plant".

  • 2013 Japan established NICHIA Co., Ltd., the executive company of Solarman Power Plant, dedicated to the construction of Japan National Power Plant.

Founder: Calvin Tsai
  • Founder and General Manager of Tenet Power

  • Co-founder of Solarman Power Plant

  • Deputy General Manager of Shenghua Properties Taiwan

  • Shenghua Cultural and Creative Hotel/Qiaoyuan Hotel Shareholder


2021: Strategic alliance member of cradle to cradle Taiwan


2020: The Digital National Association gains the cultivation of new startup teams and investment

2019: Selected as the most promising innovative enterprise by the International Angel and Venture Capital Summit of Taiwan Economics Institute

2018: Affirmed by the Small Business Innovation Research and Development Program (SBIR) of the SME Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs