Regional Revitalization
of green energy of TenetPower  

​【Green energy is sustainable and also a circular economy】

Due to the government’s renewable energy subsidy policy, rooftop green energy generation can love the earth, and there are 20 years of Taipower subsidies as rent and electricity sales income. Except for the Taitung Dalumak tribe and Taoyuan Biya, the tribe can achieve economic independence through green energy power generation.


At the same time, it combines cultural tourism and ecological tourism to create a local brand.

​─ Jianzhi Xu | Youth Advisory Committee, Executive Yuan


【Make Taiwan's every town has a footprint of green energy】

I feel that the impact of the COVID-19 has changed the global supply chain from global chain to local chain, so the idea of "community self-sufficiency" has also sprouted in my heart.

Whether it is a remote village or a tribe, or every community in the city, if it can achieve energy self-help, economic autonomy, and food autonomy. Then the significance of local creation is very important.


It is expected that the Green Energy combination is the key to the energy and economic autonomy of the community, connecting corporate CSR (corporate social responsibility) into the community, campus USR (university social responsibility) and mutual assistance and cooperation with community citizens, so that each self-sufficient community can maintain the local cultural characteristics and the symbiosis with each other are my greatest expectations.

─ Pauline Ho, Co-founder & CFO, TenetPower