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In the next 30 years starting from 2020, the global energy transition will enter a period of rapid transformation.

According to domestic and international green energy trends, large companies or companies that want to become global supply chains need to face stringent regulations.


Corporate CSR reports often use CDP to disclose carbon emissions and comply with the international renewable energy initiative "RE 100", according to the latest government-to-international green power ratio:​

  • Renewable energy development regulations require 3% of green power usage

  • The warm tube method requires 10% of green electricity usage

  • International brands require 20% up of green electricity usage​

Therefore, has your company formulated CSR solutions for green energy and sustainable enterprises such as:

  • Carbon reduction: The current production energy consumption and energy efficiency have been included in the CSR report?

  • Energy-saving: Is there a short-term energy-saving plan?

  • Purchasing: Has a mid-to-long-term energy replacement target set and started to develop a renewable energy procurement plan?


We provide a full range of Green Energy Sustainable Enterprise CSR Solutions:

From the data of the company’s electricity usage, renewable energy certificates, the SBT (Scientific Base Reduction Target) contextual carbon credit can be quickly calculated, and the short, medium and long term Carbon reduction path, and produce TCFD (climate-related financial information disclosure) indicator report as the CSR report writing guidelines. Then provide complete services for energy conservation and carbon reduction, green power trading, charity innovation, and green power sustainability report writing recommendations.

We also provide:

  • Energy-saving and carbon-reduction

  • Green energy transaction

  • Charity innovation with renewable energy

​We hope to become the most complete professional consultant and executive team in your industry to promote "Green Energy and Sustainable Enterprise CSR".