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Renewable Energy Partnership Program

Photo: TenetPower (December,2020)

IRENA’s "Global Energy Transition-2050 Roadmap" report and pointed out that renewable energy needs to be increased by at least six times to achieve the "The goal of low-carbonization and climate change mitigation as set out in ".


We have moved from the supply chain to the value chain era.

How do we quickly form a green energy partner value chain? Can it satisfy at least a six-fold increase in renewable energy?

We are very welcome to work with the following three types of industries/associations/individuals to create green energy Taiwan:

​​1. Own roof
Private roof (house, factory)
Roofs of public institutions (schools and other public institutions)
Corporate Building / Factory
Retail chain companies (department stores, supermarkets, parking lots)
Construction company (smart building, green building)
Religious temples (temples, churches)
Non-profit organizations
Rural areas, tribes​

2. Cooperation with related industry players
House agent, lawyer, proxy, property management, township chief

3. Cooperation with construction manufacturers
Roof waterproofing, water and electricity, electrical and mechanical, fire engineering, ironwork, structural technicians, architects